Codelist Entries Description Elements
Activity Date Type 4 Types of date for activities code,name
Activity Status 5 Lifecycle status of the activity from pipeline to completion code,name,language
AidType 15 DAC/CRS classification of types of aid - code,name,description,language,category,category-name,category-description
Country 250 ISO 3166 alpha 2 Country codes code,name,language
Budget Type 2 code,name,language
Collaboration Type 4 DAC/CRS classification of bilateral and multilateral aid. code,name,description,language
Condition Type 2 code,name,language
Currency 166 Currency used for all transactions and budgets code,name,language
Description Type 3 Activity decription types. (General, objectives, etc) code,name,description
Disbursement Channel 4 code,name
Document Category 16 Categories of information included in published documents code,name,description,category,category-name
File Format 9 File format of published documents code,name
Finance Type 44 DAC/CRS transaction classification distinguishing between grants, loans, etc code,name,category,category-name,category-description
Flow Type 5 DAC/CRS distinction between ODA (official development assistance) and other types of resource flow. code,name,description
Gazetteer Agency 3 An online resource that holds coordinates and descriptions of geographic locations code,name
Geographical Precision 9 A system for clarifying the accuracy and usage of geographical coordinates code,name,description
Indicator Measure 2 code,name
Language 181 To specify the language of titles, descriptions and documents code,name
Location Type 10 code,name
Organisation Identifier 441 This list is composed of the three separate lists on the original IATI site code,abbreviation,name
Organisation Role 4 code,name,description
Organisation Type 10 code,name
Policy Marker 8 code,name
Policy Significance 4 code,name,description
Publisher Type 3 code,name
Region 16 code,name
Related Activity Type 4 code,name,description
Result Type 3 code,name
Sector 194 code,name,description,category,category-name,category-description
Sector Category 37 The categories of DAC Sector codes code,name,description
Tied Status 3 code,name,description
Transaction Type 10 code,name,description
Value Type 9 An enlarged version of TransactionType to include PD (planned Disbursements) and TB (Budget) code,name,description
Verification Status 2 code,name
Vocabulary 8 code,name