ValueType 1.0 en

code name description
C Commitment A firm written obligation by the donor to provide resources of a specified amount under specified financial terms and conditions and for specified purposes for the benefit of the recipient
D Disbursement The amount placed at the disposal of a recipient country or agency (in the case of internal development-related expenditures, the outlay of funds)
E Expenditure The outlay by the implementing agency on goods and services for the activity
IF Incoming Funds Funds received from an external funding source (eg a donor).
IR Interest Repayment The actual amount of interest repaid, including fees.
LR Loan Repayment The actual amount of principal (amortisation) repaid, including any arrears.
R Reimbursement A disbursement that covers funds already spent by the recipient, as agreed in the terms of the loan or grant.
PD Planned Disbursements
TB Total Budget